Being bereaved and coping with grief during the Coronavirus outbreak may be different to coping with bereavement in normal circumstances. 

Your emotions may be more intense or more changeable because of the additional stresses you are presently dealing with. However, you may also feel more of a sense of empathy and understanding from other people, as many people will be going through a similar experience.

Present restrictions may have made it difficult to make arrangements after the death in the way you would have liked. It is very important to remember that none of these things are within your control. You have had to adapt to circumstances as best you can. Whilst we all readjust to the new rules of social distancing please remember that you are not on your own and there will be people who want to help and support you who are also waiting for things to change in order that we can reach out to you.

In the meantime give yourself permission to feel whatever you need to feel. There are no rules with grief. After any traumatic even it can be very useful to check in with yourself every day. Ask yourself how you are feeling today and what you need to try to manage as best you can. You may need more rest than usual and your sleep may be disturbed. You may experience intrusive and recurring thoughts about what has happened. Be reassured this is your brain’s way of trying to process what has happened.

Be as kind to yourself as you would be towards a loved one.



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