Our Vision

Our vision is that we are there for everybody who needs us. We want to change the way our society and healthcare systems care for people with a terminal illness and ensure that local people get the very best care at the end of their life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to complement other services by leading the development of new ways of working and delivering hospice care that meets the needs of those at the end of their life today and those in the future, whatever their needs might be.

How we will achieve this

Aim 1: Deliver Essential Services 

Develop more ways of supporting people’s emotional well-being. Establish a hub for refreshed day hospice/living well activity. Develop new ways of supporting people at home and in the community. Establish and if required meet the local need for longer term beds.

Aim 2: Help More People

Improve access to our services for people from marginalised groups. Ensure all of our services are psychologically informed and encourage independence. Seek out partnerships and collaborations that extend our impact. Expand our ability to support people with non-cancer conditions.

Aim 3: Empower our Community

Maintain research priorities that help shape our future development. Champion public and policy maker understanding and support for palliative care. Be seen and recognised as leaders in palliative care by educating and campaigning. Develop meaningful volunteering opportunities across all activities.

Aim 4: Be the Best

Publish outcome measures for all our services that are used to benchmark and inform future development. Ensure our governance is robust and effective. Improve our financial sustainability by increasing income generation and reducing delivery costs. Achieve and maintain an Outstanding CQC Rating.

Our Values

The values that shape the makeup of our team and the way we behave:

Teesside Hospice Values – October 2023


  • Feeling or showing kindness and concern for others
  • Able to empathise with people who dealing with a terminal illness
  • Being kind in use of language and behaviour
  • Caring for others who need our support and help


  • Having and showing the knowledge, ability or training to work well
  • Seeking opportunities to learn from a wide range of sources
  • Contributing to the provision of excellent, safe and effective care no matter what your role is in the organisation
  • Ensuring that the treatment, support and services we offer are effective


  • Working collaboratively with beneficiaries, colleagues, partners and supporters
  • Being authentic and transparent
  • Trusted to respond to needs and deliver what is expected of us
  • Projecting a professional image that engenders trust


  • Able to justify actions or decisions
  • Takes personal responsibility for their actions
  • Able to describe the impact of their work in a way others understand
  • Welcomes feedback as an opportunity to grow and develop


  • To adhere to professional and clinical standards
  • Maintain appropriate boundaries and relationships which are built on trust and honesty
  • Avoid and speak out against any actions, or behaviours, that conflict with our values or could cause harm to any stakeholders
  • Demonstrate strong moral principles which embody Teesside Hospice’s vision and bring our values to life
  • Do the right thing even in difficult situations, and always endeavour to work effectively and efficiently to maximise results and service


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