Everyone’s grief is unique, coming to terms with the loss of someone connected to you can be very lonely and confusing. It is normal to grieve. For many people support from friends and relatives helps them to adjust. However, sometimes it can be difficult to find a way through the complexities of grief.

Here are five things about grief we have learned, that may help you:

Grieving is unpredictable and sometimes comes in waves

Early grief may be characterised by feelings of numbness and unreality

Grief can be experienced as physically traumatic so please take care of yourself, try to eat and stay hydrated

Grief may be experienced in combination with other feelings such as anger, abandonment and sometimes relief

Sleep disturbance is common. If your sleep pattern changes try not to fret about it and still make sure you get enough rest.

If you're unable to move through your grief, or are concerned about the wellbeing of a child who isn't coping well take a look the information about support available, or keep watching this space for details of our service launch in Autumn. 


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