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Would you brave a 130ft free-fall? Take a once-in-a-lifetime leap of faith to help raise vital funds for Teesside Hospice.

Our chosen location is the iconic Larpool Viaduct in Whitby. As if a bungee jump wasn’t epic enough, this is the only bridge jump which is legally allowed to take place in the UK- a truly unique experience! It's set to be an amazing day out on the stunning Yorkshire Coast, whilst ensuring Teesside Hospice can continue to make every day count for those suffering from terminal illness across Teesside. Once you’ve made the jump, you’ll be taken to safe and dry land to celebrate with as many supporters as you wish to bring!

You’ll receive a full fundraising pack to help you with your fundraising. We pride ourselves on our support from the second you click ‘book my place’ to the minute you land ashore on the big day.

If you raise £250 or more, we’ll ensure you have an exclusive Teesside Hospice T-shirt to wear as a special thank you! T-shirts can otherwise be purchased for £5 per person.

UK Bungee Club Terms and conditions

  • Participants must be 14+; any child under 16 must have a responsible adult present who is required to sign permission and a non-standard waiver,
  • Participants must not be pregnant, under the influence of drugs/alcohol, and must sign a non-standard waiver after seeking professional medical advice if suffering from any condition listed in pages 10 and 11,
  • Participants over the age of 50 must seek professional medical advice and agree to since that they have done so with no problems before participating in the jump,
  • Maximum weight for a solo jumper is 120kg; waist harnesses fit waist size 40cm-125cm;
  • No refund cancellation policy.

By signing up you agree to the UK Bungee Club Terms and Conditions.


Event Details


Sunday 18th August 2024


Larpool Viaduct in Whitby


- Breathtaking views from the Viaduct.

- A huge adrenaline rush.

- Raise vital funding to support Teesside Hospice.

- A memory you'll never forget.

- Become the family daredevil.