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World Book Day is soon upon us & we are wanting to inspire everyone! On March 4th we want you to pick up a book & immerse yourself into a new world by taking part in our Readathon Bingo Board.

The aim of it is to celebrate authors, books, illustrators and - of course - reading! During lockdown many of us may have gotten into the habit of watching endless Netflix,  television or even just scrolling through your phone for hours on end, now's the time to switch up your habits & immerse yourself in a whole new world of reading.

How to play

To play along is simple. Just print off your Readathon Bingo Board, which you will receive as part of your pack once you have signed up. Each square will have a different task (related to reading & World Book day). Once completed simply cross off your task, when all squares have been completed you will have a full house! Make sure to send a photo to us via Twitter or Facebook and use the #THReadathon to be in with the chance to win a special prize.

How to register

To receive your welcome pack & Readathon Bingo Board you need to be registered by March 3rd. The event will be launched on March 4th & along with it, the welcome packs.

We have three different bingo cards available to encourage all of the family to take part. All of which hold different challenges & tasks suited to your age range.

1. Ages 9 & under

2. Ages 9-16

3. Adults

It costs £3 to register (per board), so if you want to buy multiple boards for other family members or friends, simply add more to your cart. Once you have placed your order you will receive an email to confirm which age bingo board you would like to participate with.


Books by Sandra from the Noun Project, Books by Jakub Čaja from the Noun Project, Reading by Milinda Courey from the Noun Project, Reading by Eucalyp from the Noun Project, Reading by Luis Prado from the Noun Project, Reading by Luis Prado from the Noun Project, Book by Fidel Zein from the Noun Project

Event Details


Register by March 3rd


Anywhere of your choice


- Readathon Bingo Pack (Includes welcome pack & bingo board)

- Chance to win an amazing prize

- Supporting your local hospice, providing care for our patients