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Throughout the year, Veganuary encourages and supports people and businesses alike to move to a plant-based diet as a way of protecting the environment, preventing animal suffering, and improving the health of millions of people. A world without animal farms and slaughterhouses. A world where food production does not decimate forests, pollute rivers and oceans, exacerbate climate change and drive wild animal populations to extinction.

By going vegan for a month, you would not only save 30 animal lives, but also 620 pounds of harmful carbon dioxide emissions, 913 square feet of forest, and 33,481 gallons of water.

According to Oxford University, going vegan is the single biggest way you can reduce your environmental impact on the planet. 1.5 acres of land can either produce 375 pounds of meat, or 37,000 pounds of plant-based food. What sounds better?

You don't have to completely change your eating habits. If you like a sausage sandwich, have one – just make sure the sausages are a vegan alternative. If you want ice cream, go ahead. There are dozens of different delicious flavours out there. You can have almost everything you had before in a vegan version, so just switch like for like.

Through signing up with Teesside Hospice we kindly ask all participants to set up a fundraiser whilst you take on this month long dietary change. It will add an extra motivating reason for you to complete Veganuary, seeing your friends & family are supporting your journey with their kind donations. With the warm feel-good factor of supporting Teesside Hospice, helping us care for those who are dealing with a terminal illness.

If you're struggling for what meals you could make, we have attached a link for some beautiful vegan recipes here.

Vegetarian meal alternatives

Curry: Use Cauliflower or chicken alternative instead of meat.

Meatballs: Use Linda McCartney vegetarian alternative. Also great options veggie meatballs available in Aldi.

Chicken: Use either Quorn chicken pieces. Or wide range of breaded chicken alternatives from Quorn, Linda McCartney, Aldi (Plant based range).

Snacks: You can find a full range of what is available here.

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You would be!

- Saving 30 animal lives

- Saving 620 pounds of harmful carbon dioxide emissions

- Saving 913 square feet of forest

- Saving 33,481 gallons of water.

- Supporting Teesside Hospice