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Take your favourite routes to run the length of a marathon (26.2 miles) during April.

Then why not grab a friend or a family member to help cover the distance between the two of you.

This is inspired by our beliefs that no one should die alone, scared or in pain. Our patients receive a highly personalised level of care & support all the way throughout their stay with someone by their side when they need it most. Touring Teesside Together is all about having someone by your side and feeling supported.

It's simple to start

1. Find a friend or family to run a marathon with (26.2 miles), during April.

2. Find a distance split that suits you both. Either split the marathon down the middle (13.1 miles) each. Or find a distance that suits your capabilities. Not a runner? Don't worry, you can cover the distance any way you want.

3. Set your target. This event is free for you to register & you can choose your own fundraising targets. We would recommend £100, but work with what you feel comfortable with, or set your sights high.

You can choose to cover the miles together or do it virtually, meaning you can pick a friend or family from anywhere in the world. As long as the distance is covered, you're golden. You'll both be there for each other for support either way. Every pound you raise will be going towards supporting people within Teesside that are suffering with a terminal illness.

You can register for free today and find a mate to join you at a later date.

Event Details


Sign up before the end of April




- Fundraising advice from the Hospice

- Support local people with a terminal illness

- Split the marathon with your friend

- No minimum fundraising target