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The light of the loved one you hold within, shine it bright this Christmas

Light up a Life is back this Christmas, a heart warming opportunity to honour and remember your loved ones.

From Friday 17th November, Christmas trees will be placed in various locations across Teesside, including the Hillstreet Centre in Middlesbrough, The Parkway Centre in Coulby Newham, and Teesside Crematorium on Acklam Road. These trees offer a special way for you to write the names of your loved ones on a star and place it on the tree, all in exchange for a donation that supports the essential work of our hospice. 

Your loved one’s name will feature in our Christmas Light up a Life Book of Memories located in our Reflection Room at Teesside Hospice.

Anyone who creates a dedication will receive an exclusive invitation to attend our Light up a Life service on Monday 4th December, free of charge. This year, our Light up a Life service is taking place at the Hazel Pearson Theatre within Middlesbrough College. A stunning 142 seat venue is where we will gather to remember those loved ones we’ve lost. 

We hope that this appeal can provide you with comfort, moments of reflection, and peace during this festive season when we often need it the most. It's a touching experience to see dedications surrounding our Light Up A Life tree at the hospice. 

We look forward to seeing you be part of it. Knowing that your dedications will ensure the names, memories, and lasting legacies of your loved ones live on.

During our Light up a Life appeal, it is a time to gather with family and friends to reminisce about those no longer with us. We truly appreciate the incredible support we receive every day, and we wouldn't be able to do it without our supporters. Below, are fellow Light up a Life supporters who have kindly shared their stories on why they support our appeal and who they dedicate and donate in memory of.

Please note: a donation is required for you to take part in our Light up a Life campaign.

Don't just hear it from us:

"I often wonder what he'd look like, if I'd have had Grandchildren" - Barbara's Story

"Until it happens to you, you don't realise how important company is" - Chris' Story

"Light up a Life, to me means JJ's name lives on forever" - Debbie's Story

"It's never too late to do something to help your journey" - Isobel's Story

"To remember my parents during Light up a Life is my way to keep their memory alive" - Linda's Story

Event Details


Throughout the festive season


Across Teesside


Create your dedication at one of our Light up a Life Trees

Attend our Light up a Life service free of charge

A bright light will be dedicated to your loved ones, placed on our outdoor Christmas Tree, which will illuminate the grounds of our hospice throughout Christmas

Your loved one's name will feature in our book of Memories

£5 could buy a Christmas present for a patient unable to spend Christmas day at home.

£8.75 could pay for a warm, homecooked Christmas dinner for a patient.

£34.19 could pay for a nurse so patients can create lasting memories on Christmas day.

£67 could pay for a Christmas Crafternoon session for our patients.

£125 could keep the hospice warm and cost on Christmas day.

Please note: a donation is required so we can cover the costs to facilitate our Light up a Life campaign