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Fund Our Nurse For A Year

Please help to fund our nurse for a year


My name is Michelle and I’m part of the nursing team at Teesside Hospice. You probably know about our hospice in Middlesbrough, but what people don’t always realise is that we also support hundreds of local people in our community, by visiting their homes and extending our care to them, and their families.

I am really lucky to work alongside Lisa, our Outreach Nurse, who provides this care in our local area. Lisa is one of the most dedicated and passionate nurses I have worked with in my career. It’s Lisa’s job to step in when someone has been told they have a terminal illness. At a time when they might feel as though their world has fallen apart, Lisa can often be their first point of contact and she helps to carry some of that burden.

Lisa visits people in their homes to explain how we can help them at a time, and in a way, that feels right for them. Lisa helps with the practical decisions that need to be made. She supports people to take in the information that is given to them, and answers questions people may have.

She’s also the warmth and comfort that people need. Lisa sits down and talks to each person as an individual. She opens up conversations that can be difficult to have and gives people a choice about their care. If it’s the right timing and decision for someone, Lisa refers people to our hospice and helps people to access the right care.

We are really proud to have Lisa as part of our team, and to be able to extend this level of care to our local community; but we do have a problem.

In the past, we have been really grateful to receive funding to support Lisa’s role, however this funding is going to be coming to an end. For us to continue being able to provide this specialist care, I am asking for your help. We need to raise a total of £44,000 to fund our nurse, and her important work, for a year.

With your support, we can ensure that local people in Teesside, and their families, can access this vital care.

Thank you so much

Michelle Larkin - Director of Nursing

How your money can help:

  • £22.50 – can provide an hour of care to local people
  • £85.00 – can provide half a day of care to local people
  • £170 – can provide 1 day of care to local people
  • £846 – can provide 1 week of care to local people
  • £3667 – can provide 1 month of care to local people

*If we are lucky enough to raise more than the Fund Our Nurse appeal target, all additional funds will be used in accordance with the aims of the charity, as set out in its governing document. Namely to provide relief of sickness and suffering.

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